Step 4 Instapot Yogurt recipe from Lemon & Time

Instapot Yogurt

Making yogurt from fresh milk is an ancient preservation technique because milk fermented in this way will keep for at least 5 times longer. Try it along with Grilled Flatbread and Marinated Olive Salad, mixed with tahini and cucumbers, or in traditional Indian riata.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 hours
Total Time 10 hours 20 minutes
Course appetizers, cheese, instagram, instapot
Cuisine Mediterranean


  • 1 gal whole milk
  • 8 oz live cultured yogurt
  • 50 g salt


  • Pour your milk into a very clean Insta-type-pot with a 'yogurt' setting and close but do not seal the top. Set the temperature to 'High' and wait for the milk to reach 165 degrees.
    Instapot Yogurt recipe from Lemons & Time
  • When the milk is hot enough to kill all unwanted bacteria, carefully remove the insert and place in a sink filled with cold water. Ice cubes will optionally speed up the cooling process. Cool the milk to at least 110 degrees. Ideally, it should be a little warmer than a baby's bottle when you add the yogurt culture.
    Step 2 of Instapot Yogurt recipe from Lemons & Time
  • When the milk is cool enough that it won't kill the live yogurt culture, first stir together with a cup of milk and then distribute evenly throughout the entire mixture. Add the salt at this point unless you want to make sweet yogurt. I used the aromatic salt leftover from making Preserved Lemons.
    Preserved lemon salt for Step 3 Instapot Yogurt recipe from Lemon & Time
  • Put your Instapot back together and close the lid. This time use the low-temperature yogurt setting and leave to ferment for 10 hours.
    Step 4 Instapot Yogurt recipe from Lemon & Time
  • The next day, strain your homemade yogurt to make labneh cheese (shown), use it for baking, or eat it straight away. This yogurt can also be salted, mixed with herbs and spices, or flavored with fruits, honey, and vanilla.
    Labneh Yogurt Cheese recipe from Lemon and Time
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